Our Story

Rigadoo... The Story of Us!

In December of 2009, I opened up my home and soon to be heart as my Pug family grew from one to two! Riggs... AKA The Rigga Dude found himself in search of a new home due to very unfortunate circumstances. It was a few days before Christmas and the 'Plan' was to give him a nice,  safe and warm place for the holidays and eventually find him a new family. Well... Riggs had other plans! Penelope, who was used to being an only Pug, soon found herself a big sister to an oversized Pug-asaur!

Over the years the poor fella tried out numerous dog beds, sweaters and harnesses, but due to his 'Non Typical' stature we were unable to get a good fit! Until now!

The Rigadoo Custom Dog Harnesses were designed with custom text patches to give unique expression to each dog, increase awareness of their individual requirements, or simply let the world know how incredibly awesome they are! Each harness is designed to be measured by girth, with an adjustable chest strap that has ample size variants to fit the almost any shaped dog. The stitching and front strap are reflective, and the handle on top of the harness gives quick control to you over your dog in times of need.

Our Family currently includes one fur baby from puppyhood and two rescues. The importance of giving animals a second chance at happiness very important to us! And for this reason we are donating 2 dollars from every harness sale to animals in need!

We sincerely hope you give the Rigadoo Custom Dog Harness a try in one of the dozens of colours and patterns, and share our unique product line with your family and friends!

All the best,
Tara, Robert, Penny, Frodo and Riggs